"Pinks" embellishment set

An eclectic collection of handmade embellishments in various shades of pink! 20 different elements in all--ribbons, buttons, flowers, hand-painted cardboard brackets, embroidered felt butterfly and flower, and a potato-print stamped cardboard frame.  Most pieces come with and without shadows.


A lot of the things that I create are made physically first and then photographed and extracted.  I've never gotten to play with such a variety of things as I did on this set.  It was a long time coming together but I had great fun with it.  

I carved a potato to make the flower-stamped frame, and then let my daughter play with it.  (She is normally not a big fan of potatoes, but this was okay.)   I added the stamp to my Potato Prints (swapped it out with another flower that used to be in the set, that I didn't like as much). Stamping with potatoes is fun!

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